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Space camp roundup

24th July 2018

CEO Rob Taylor presents as the solution to the perfect storm of exponentially data growth and flatlining data centre tech - the democratisation of software defined chips...
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21st June 2018 have been selected as one of 6 startups to join the first spacetech focussed accelerator...

Sub-clock scheduling

24th May 2018

Through deep analysis of timing delays introduced by FPGA logic components, our engineering team has been able to combine logic components into single pipeline stages so some operations take less thank a clock cycle, leading to average performance improvements of 20% for both speedup and size reduction.

Public Beta

30th November 2017

We're excited to announce our public beta is live, and with that our signup platform is fully operational. Also, we've closed our £500k seed funding round.
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UKFast invest in

16th November 2017

UKFast, the UK’s largest independently owned hosting provider, have made a significant investment in, making them our largest investor this funding round.

500 signups!

22nd August 2017

We're delighted to announce we've reached 500+ signups to our alpha platform. This means out community is growing too, which is so valuable in helping us make a really useable service for developers everywhere. features at Project Juno's AI showcase

19th April 2017

CEO Rob Taylor addressed Project Juno's AI showcase to present's new platform that allows developers to build and deploy their Go code to FPGAs...

AWS F1 Partner

April 2017 announced as an AWS F1 partner. The platform allows deployment of compiled Go code to FPGAs in the cloud.

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