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Our platform brings orders of magnitude more performance for compute and analytics using software defined chips.

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Simple tools for developers

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Manage your account, keep track of usage, buy more hours, access documentation and get help from the team.


Develop your applications using standard language development tools to debug, test, build and create benchmarks.

Compatibility check

Check your code is compatible with our compiler.

Simulate hardware

Simulate how your application would run on hardware.


Build your applications using our patented compiler and optimization service.

Easy deployment

Deploy your build with a simple command.

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The benefits

Realise 100x performance gains using your existing skill-base, whatever your use-case, platform or scaling requirements

Familiar Tooling

Code in a high level language and deploy using our cloud tooling. No specialist skills required! Our platform is inspired by software development and open source methodologies so fits in perfectly with the way you already work: CI&CD, Agile etc.


Hardware consolidation, pay-as-you-go access and parallel computing without the need for specialist engineering skills all deliver cost savings.


Our chips can be reprogrammed as often as you like, so your applications can evolve along with your project's changing requirements.


With our platform, existing DevOps, data science and software engineering teams can realise 100x performance gains over CPU-based solutions – 100x faster, 100x lower latency, 100x more efficient in energy and size.

CPU is for ...

Software developers

Develop concurrent, project-specific applications in Go, and use our service to build and deploy to FPGA instances, all with no hardware design skills or experience. Performance improvements have long been achieved using faster CPUs and multi-core processing. However, big data associated with AI, Finance, IoT, media etc. requires something beyond what traditional CPUs can deliver. We believe low-latency and concurrency, through the use of FPGAs, is the answer.

Hardware developers

Creating project-specific hardware applications using traditional tools involves the time-consuming process of generating large amounts of low-level code. With you can take advantage of the easy to use high-level Go language to program and reprogram FPGAs using our simple command-line tooling and cloud management system.

Systems architects

Speed up data analytics and throughput for your business. Your existing software development team can use to create designs to fit your specific requirements. These applications will use the convenience and parallel capabilities of software defined chips to drastically increase throughput while minimizing latency and powespace requirement.

Why do we use Go?

The Go language has a number of features that are ideally suited to writing code in which many functions run in parallel:

Goroutines can run concurrently with each other. Channels are pipelines through which goroutines can communicate and synchronize their operation. Select statements help organize the process of switching between channels and give programmers the ability to control when parallel operations can run.

Cloud or on-premises?

Whatever your needs, we have a platform to fit ...

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