The next stage in computing power brings the power of hardware-acceleration technology to the cloud ecosystem

Program FPGAs with Go!

Programs coded in go

Quick-check locally before upload

Simulate, build, deploy

AWS EC2 F1 instances


Key Features

Your dashboard

Manage your account, keep track of usage, buy more hours, access documentation and get help from the team.

Local type checking

Perform a quick check of your code on your local machine to ensure compatibility with our compiler.

Hardware simulation

Test your code using our hardware simulator, speeding up your development workflow. Our helpful error messages help you debug your code.

Easy cloud deployment

Deploy your build to an AWS F1 cloud FPGA with a simple command.

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The benefits of FPGAs

Processing Power



The benefits of


Hardware consolidation, pay-as-you-go access and parallel computing without the need for specialist engineering skills all deliver cost savings.

Familiar Tooling

Code your projects entirely in Go and deploy to remote FPGAs using our cloud management system. No specialist skills required!


FPGAs can be reprogrammed as often as you like, so your programs can evolve along with your project's changing requirements.


The need for data analytics is increasing exponentially and server technology can’t keep up. With us you can work with the next generation of developer tools to meet your acceleration needs. FPGAs perform many, many tasks at the same time, providing significant speed enhancements, 10-100x, over the same code running on traditional CPUs.

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